5 Terrific Short Films You Need To Watch Right Now!


Sometimes at the end of the day, when I am looking for quick entertainment and a 2 to 3 hour movie seems like a drag, my first escape is to head over to watch a few interesting short movies. Recently, I have been watching short films a lot because they are straight to the point, often quite impactful and I get to enjoy more than one story in a row! I find it impressive to be able to tell a story fairly in a short amount of time. And all you need is five minutes to spare during either lunch break, while surfing the web at night or whenever your boss is not looking *don’t blame me if you are caught red handed*! I stumbled upon some really interesting short films, some of which are even Oscar winners, and I believe they are totally worth your time! Have a look!

Changing Batteries

I would call it the saddest animated short films I have ever watched. The Oscar winning Changing batteries tells the story of an old lady who is weakened by a disease and lives alone. Her days change after she receives a domestic robot as a gift by her son and the old woman develops a unique friendship with the machine. The movie is not a masterpieces but a beautiful account of life and relationships which pretty much everyone relates with! If this film doesn’t bring you to tears, nothing can!

Run time: 5 minutes



This film won the best short comedy award for all the right reasons. The film begins like any other story where a girl (Emily) confronts a one night stand with the guy (Mark) after finding out that she is pregnant. Things get hilariously worse when Emily finds Mark is not going to be an ideal father. Though the story appears a bit cliché but the way conversation between the actors is scripted will keep you engaged till the end! You won’t believe how the film ends!

Run time: 14 minutes



Kavita is sick of her paralytic father in law summoning her all the time by banging a teaspoon on his bedpost. Surprisingly, he remains quite whenever Kavita’s husband is not around. You will be surprised to see how Kavita tackles the situation. This story definitely has a disturbing end.

Run time: 20 minutes



The film is set in the midst of the ongoing conflict between Pakistan and Afghanistan. What I found most impressive is the cinematography which goes beyond the cliché of such genres. Instead of focusing on the root of conflict, the movie revolves around how a gifted child makes extraordinary efforts for his people! It’s a wee bit long but engaging at the same time.

Run time: 24 minutes


The Phone Call

This Oscar winning movie is full of mystery and emotions. Heather, who works in a crisis centre receives a call from a mystery man which changes her life forever! How? You will have to see! It appears lengthy for a short movie but you will be too engrossed into the story to notice the time.

Run time: 20 minutes


So which short film have you watched recently? Should it be added in the above list?


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