Review: Loreal Paris Hydra Total 5 Gel Cream


Most of us skip moisturizer during summers thinking our skin would take care of itself,  but in reality, dehumidified air leaves the skin dry calling for a well chosen moisturizing routine.

Sometime back when I shared my summer skincare routine, I mentioned Loreal Hydra gel as my  summer pick for moisturizing [read the post here]. Since then, a few of my readers have been asking to post a full review of Loreal Hydra Total 5, so here you go!

I had bid farewell to moisturizers  a while back as my skin was behaving quite crazy. I was constantly ambushed by acne which would turn into nasty marks hence making me leave my skin alone *blame my abnormal hormones for that, at least my dermatologist told me so*. Now that I have overcome these *grave* issues, it was about time to get back to moisturizing again. I have a combination and acne prone skin, so I preferred buying something which does not damage the pores, and Loreal hydra for sensitive skin seemed a viable option.

What does Hydra gel promise?

  1. Hydrates
  2. Nourishes
  3. Illuminates
  4. Evens skin tone
  5. Refreshes

Product Description



The gel comes in a glass jar with a white twist open cap and an additional protective lid inside the cap. The jar is sealed so avoid buying if the seal is broken. The net weight of the jar is 50 ml and the gel is good to use for 12 months.





My experience!

I have been using this gel for two months and I found it ideal for summers. Unlike other moisturizers, this water based gel penetrates into skin immediately and do not leave any unpleasant greasy residues. The fragrance is also pleasant, long lasting, and refreshing. For a combination skin like mine, it works best to tone and hydrate leaving a dash of glow on the face after regular use.  I would recommend you to use it if you have a combination to sensitive skin. Not sure if works equally well on oily skin types. Me? I would be using it throughout summer because I have had terrible experiences with moisturisers previously and finally found this after countless trials and errors.


Price and Availability

L’oreal Hydra total 5 costs pkr 899/. You can easily get it from any super store nationwide or can also order it online at Daraz.

My say!

use if

  • You have a combination, sensitive or dry skin
  • You are looking for a moisturiser for your face-base
  • You want a moisturizer which doesn’t leave too much greasy residues

leave if

  • You have oily skin
  • You have severe acne problems (in that case, consult your dermatologist first before opting for any moisturiser).
  • You feel it’s way too expensive. *Though it’s worth the price*

So, which moisturizer are you currently using? Are you happy with it? Leave your comments below meanwhile I get back to daydreaming. Okay bye!










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