Top Five T-Shirt Styles

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If there is one clothing item that I will have to choose and spend my life in, it would definitely be a comfy, stylish T shirt. Since summer has begun doing quite a ballet dance right over our heads, it’s time to fetch a few breathable, yet chic T’s. There are umpteen variations in T-shirt styles which you would find both flattering and fitting to your taste, but which one should you go for? Something basic? graphic? The classic V neck? or others? To make it easier for you, I have rounded up these top five types of T-shirts fit to your style. Have a look.


This type has a uniform pattern or color and can be easily found in any sleeve style for both men and women. This is most preferable for layering or for a simple causal look like the Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts. You should have at least one basic T-shirt at hand because this piece of clothing is absolutely versatile. I 




Everyone loves graphic T’s because they are fun to wear and look totally hip. This is the most common and popular T-shirt style for men and women. Images are screen printed or sometimes dyed directly into the fabric. I keep getting my T-shirts customized with fun graphics which I am going to share with you in another post. I am sure you all must have customized your T’s at least once!



Trendy V-Neck

V-neck shirts for men have comparatively less variations than for women, but they are equally loved by both genders.  V-neck gives the torso a taller looking feel so it is specially fit for petite body types. It also makes your neck appear slimmer, what could be better than this?




These are the ones decorated with a medium other than ink, like rhinestone, sparkle, lace, studs, or bows. They are especially popular among women given a range of embellishment available to opt from. These embellishments sometimes also spell out logos, and words like a graphic T-shirt does.



The Classic Round Neck

Round neck might not be a very striking fashion feat but it is a handy companion for everyday wear. The fairly basic cut of this T-shirt makes it appealing for lean, or slim body type. For such casual T-shirts, I prefer online shopping because I get a whole lot of variety and designs there.



What to Choose?

I would say, stash your wardrobe with all of these types to have a more versatile T-shirt collection. T’s should just be lightweight and comfy specially if they are an everyday essential in your life!


*I do not own any of the T-shirt pictures featured in this post



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