What keeps me “Fixated?”

It’s been awhile since I posted anything here, and when I don’t, there are mostly two reasons. First, probably I must be lazing around somewhere in my home, or second, I must be wrapped up keeping my Online fashion store-Fixation– pretty and thriving. This time, it was for the latter I had been away.


Yes, the past two weeks went quite busy networking, collaborating, and preparing for the upcoming spring collection. One of the most noteworthy opportunities recently has been “The Startup Magazine” which is the first Entrepreneurial Magazine of Pakistan promoting and paving ways for the newbies of business world. The second startup expo is going to be held in Islamabad in April organized by “The Startup Magazine”so I got my brand registered there. After having selected on the basis of judges panel and voting results, top 100 startup brands will be selected to showcase their products and services at the expo, and enjoy other perks.

I am totally excited for my entry there and looking forward to it. You can also show some love to my brand by casting your vote here so that I keep bringing pretty things for all of you. If I disappear again for a while, consider me selected there 🙂

Let me know what have you been upto lately?



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