10 things we can’t help during Ramadan

Most of us celebrate Ramadan with the fervor far greater than any other religious obligation. We try doing best this month, but sometimes get bogged down by one or all of the things I have rounded up here!

Note: I am an equally ardent follower of ramadan, and this is merely a happy take on the casual, sometimes quirky thing we go through this month.

onePutting things off sluggishly with the excuse, “I am frigging fasting”.



Hanging in the state of sleep and wakefulness at sahri only to be awaken by your mom’s loud reproach asking you to pray! *Yeah I am wide awake now*.

threeActing normal watching soft drink commercials even though your heart bleeds.

fourTrying to be kind to the rude ones for the time being but impatiently waiting to fix an eye for an eye right after Aftaar.

glad to see you


Trying so hard to abstain from music and movies that it hurts!

sixWrapping things up at work with the speed of light so you could have an early nap home.

sevenMissing coffee/tea breaks at work. *when will I gossip?*

eightUndergoing hunger pangs and cramps but can’t stop scrolling your newsfeed.


Staring at the clock after every five minutes and thinking, “is it slow”? Checking the other one, “No it’s not”. *sigh*


Drown in despair every day witnessing no loss in your weight despite starving for hours! Instead, you seem to gain a few pounds *what?* 

weight loss

No matter what, we forget all of the above right at the divine moment of breaking fast! The food never seemed so scrumptious before, right? So, let’s gear up for fasting again the next day!


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